Terms and Conditions

Before you enter the sports center, please read through the following Safety Terms and Conditions. For your safety, please make sure you meet the age, height, and weight requirement.

Age restriction
Children under the 12 years old must be accompanied by at least an adult.
Height limitation
110 cm and above
Weight limitation
20 kg - 120 kg

Terms and Conditions

  • Each playerVisitors isare required to sign the User Liability Agreement before purchaseing tickets at the counter.
  • The ticket is for personal use only. If there's any fraud and misuse, the involving person(s) will be charged with entry fee and legal responsibilities.
  • It's highly recommended that the playersvisitors get in at least anone hour of rest after meal before participate into any activity.
  • For yours and others' safety, any loose or sharp object/ personal belongings like handset, accessories, pins, keys are not allowed in the play area. Please ensure the safety of yourself and other visitors by not wearing and bringing in anything that might fall off easily, e.g. watches, accessories, or things with sharp tips like pins and keys.
  • Drinks, food, and dangerous items are not allowed in the sports centre food, beverage and dangerous items are strictly forbidden in the play area. Cigarette, alcohol, and fire are also prohibited.
  • The sports centremanagement enforces age, height, and weight restrictions to all the facilities. Please be sure to follow them.
  • Please put on proper active wear and sport shoes while playing in the play area.in the sports centre. The crewstaff will ensure the suitability of the attire.that everyone wears proper outfits to the centre.
  • Please read through and follow the rules of respective facilityregulation attached to the facilities and strictly follow the instruction of from the crewstaff.
  • Please follow the regulation regarding the visitor capacity control of respective facilityat each area and wait in lines with patience for your turn to play.


  • The management  is not liable  to any loss, stealth, or damage events relating to personal belongings.
  • Please follow all the rules of respective facility and the instructions from the crew.  The crew has the right to prohibit any improper behaviours; if the situation prolonged or repeated, the crew has the right to ask the violator to leave the play area; and there will be no refund to be entertained.
  • Please follow all the rules of respective facility. The management has the right to adjust or amend the regulation based on the actual needs.
  • All of the activities could be dangerous. Please assess your own health condition and avoid excessive activities. If you require any medical assistance, please inform the onsite crew immediately.

Disease restrictions:

  • People with heart problems, high blood pressure, cerebral haemorrhage, asthma, inborn epilepsy, or other diseases that may occur in a sudden are not allowed to participate in the activities.
  • People suffered from bone loss, high degree myopia, frequent joint dislocation, and those undergoing medical operation in recent or pregnant are not allowed to participate in the activities.
  • People who fail to act and think independently or understand the rules and information informed by the staff are not allowed to participate in the activities.
For any help/explanation,
please contact the GO STAR Management Unit: