How to break down the spell casting on Penghu: One can only run the business here for six months?

Innovative thinking and the love for extreme sports break down the spell that the business can only run for six months in Penghu!

Innovative ideas and the love for extreme sports breaks the spell that Penghu only has-six months business opportunity in a year! In winter, Penghu has strong north-east monsoon that it affected many business opportunities during that season. The indoor facilities in Discovery Hotel are breaking down this spell. We want tourists to visit Penghu even in winter, so we equipped our hotel with dining, sports, entertainment and shopping to throw the visitors chilled holidays. There are 236 guest rooms in the Discovery Hotel, oceanic culture and window decoration of the South Min style make up the style of the interior; and more surprisingly, the hotel is equipped with a massive gym area with tremendous sea view, a boundless swimming pool, the kids play ground called the Dream House, a theatre, the only interactive rock climbing wall in Taiwan, the extreme sports centre Go Star, the museum Whisky 101, etc., and of course, the significant Duty-Free Shop proudly run by Everrich.


The indoor extreme sports centre, Go Star, is the most attractive spot at the Discovery Hotel, which was inspired by a popular American show called American Ninja Warrior. We believe that it will make not only trends but also commercial success here.